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Here we share the articles written by the participants of our online training on economic, social and cultural rights in French.

They below articles are only available in French here.

  • The implementation of the right to food in France: state of play and challenges by Ms. Nedjma Bennegouch
  • The impact of the mining industry in Cerro de Pasco on children's right to health by Ms. Morgane Schmutz
  • Problems related to access to reproductive health care by women asylum seekers in Switzerland by Ms. Anne-Laurence Graf
  • The eradication of El Vacie, the oldest slum in Europe by Mr. Pascal Garde
  • Reception conditions of migrants in Calais: should the right to water have been quoted by the Conseil d’Etat in its decision of July 31, 2017? by Me Louis Ropars
  • The right to education in Cameroon: training and recruitment of French-speaking teachers in the English-speaking region, an acceptable measure? by Ms. Irène Ornéla Guessele