Research and Publications

Myths about economic, social and cultural rights, including the fact that they are not fully human rights, lead to uninformed political decisions and a lack of public debate on these issues.

That is why we document the challenges and obstacles to the enjoyment of these rights so States respect, protect and fullfil them.

WE PUBLISH RESEARCH to address the information gap on economic, social and cultural rights and deepen their understanding.

Covering issues such as the right to health or the right to education, our publications are used  as tools to advocate for lasting changes in national policies and practices.

For instance, our study on the right to health in Côte d'Ivoire triggered the launch of an investment program in health infrastructure and equipment of 880 million euros (577 billion euros). CFA francs) by the Ivorian government.

WE CARRY OUT FACT FINDING MISSIONS to gather information on progress and obstacles to the implementation of human rights.