ESCR and land: our contributions to the work of the United Nations


Paris, 16 August 2021

Human Dignity and its partners drafted and submitted two joint notes to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which is developing a general comment on land and economic, social and cultural rights.

The purpose of this general comment is to clarify the specific obligations of States parties regarding land and governance of tenure under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

  • We’ve mobilised our partners and sent a joint submission with 6 organisations: ACORD GUINEA, ACORD RWANDA, ALERTE-Foncier (Ivory Coast), COPAGEN (Coalition for the Protection of African Genetic Heritage) / West Africa, CCFD- TERRE SOLIDAIRE (France) and the FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FORUM - FAT (DRC)

Our joint submission notably provides observations on post-conflict mechanisms, peasant rights as well as climate change and biodiversity protection. Our proposals are based on the lived experiences of African peasants and herders who are confronted with several issues related to their rights to land.

See our submission HERE with its annex (in French only)

  • We also participated in the development of a second joint submission with ESCR Net, a coalition of over 300 NGOs of which we are members. It is available HERE.