Online training: testimonials from our participants

Testimonials from our course participants -  in partnership with Synergies Coopération and the Geneva Academy 

Mr. Renan Hedouville, lawyer and director of the National Human Rights Institution - Haiti (video in French)


 Ms. Salimata Traoré, Legal Consultant Trainer, MONUSCO (DRC)

This training allowed me to further strengthen my capacities on economic, social and cultural rights. I liked the presentation of the modules through a video. The exchanges on Skype with the trainers allowed me not only to interact with them but also to raise certain concerns about the effectiveness of economic, social and cultural rights and the obligations of States.

 Ms. Danniela Lima, Lawyer, Brazil

The participation in this training was very interesting and useful. It sparked my interest in really working in this area.

 Mr. Tanguy Van Nieuwenhove, Graduate in Public International Law

I really appreciated the way the training was structured as well as the possibility to deepen a point approached during one of the modules thanks to the proposed readings. In addition, the resolution of a practical case in a group makes it possible to mobilize all of the newly acquired knowledge, which contributes to better assimilation of the content of the training. I would also like to underline the quality of the trainers and speakers as well as the follow-up throughout it. I can only recommend it!

Mr. Pascal Garde, Program Management Assistant, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Switzerland)

The organization of the practical case in pairs makes it possible to share the knowledge and the acquired knowledge of the training with other participants who work in a different country and context. I find this experience to be very rewarding. 

 Mr. Salifou Nchourupouo Mforen, Human Rights Officer, MONUSCO (DRC)

I sincerely think that this course is to be recommended to all those who would like to have a deep knowledge in the field of ESCR. 

 Mr. Jean Bedel Kaniki, Magistrate (DRC)

It was an excellent training that filled me beyond my expectations. The speakers are experts who have not only a complete theoretical knowledge on ESCR, but also a solid practical experience in the matter. For 7 weeks, I found myself in a work environment that was international, diverse, dynamic and stimulating. 

 Mr. Timothée Katumba Tshiamamba, Human Rights Officer, MONUSCO (DRC)
This training was very interesting and allowed me to deepen several aspects and contours of ESCR. The knowledge acquired is a major asset for me to raise awareness of this category of rights which attract less attention from many stakeholders. I thank Synergies Coopération and all the trainers for this opportunity.