The impact of extractive industries in Niger on economic and social rights


Niamey, Paris - 15 February 2018

At our initiative and with our technical assistance, our partner in Niger, the ROTAB, has published a report on the impact of extractive industries operating in Niger on the economic and social rights of the population.

The report is available in French at

It highlights how the rights to water, health, housing and food are affected by corporate operations and analyses the measures taken by the State to protect the rights of its population.

This publication has been transmitted to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which will examine the implementation of these rights in Niger for the first time in March 2018 in Geneva. 

Human Dignity and the ROTAB will participate in this important meeting to expose concerns to the UN experts. We will advocate for strong and specific recommendations by the Committee to ensure that Niger effectively protects its populations from the dangerous effects of extraction by companies.