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In response to the COVID -19 pandemic, the platform is carrying out an annual campaign on the right to social protection since July 2020.

Various advocacy activities are organised by members at the national levels

A research report on non-contributory social protection has been published in February 2021. The development of non-contributory social protection systems indeed seems to be one of the means of guaranteeing the right to social protection in African countries where the majority of the population is engaged in the informal sector.


30 April 2020 - press release: Covid 19: States must put human rights at the heart of their responses to the crisis 

31 July 2020 - press release: Launch of our annual campaign on the occasion of African Women's Day

10 December 2020: Thematic sheet: the right to social protection (In french)

24 February 2021: research report on the right to social protection (in French)